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Dog Fighting Is A Crime

Stop Animal Cruelty

American Pit Bull Terrier South African Association is greatly concerned by the vast use of APPBTs in dog fighting and, in general, all kind of dogs used for this activity. 

Dog fighting is a cruel and inhumane practice that causes pain and suffering to the animals, often ending in a fatal injury for one of the participants. In order to stop this despicable practice, we need to educate people on how to prevent it from happening.

Some people believe that they can justify dog fighting practices on the grounds of tradition or because it’s been going on for centuries. But this is no excuse for cruelty against animals. It is not tradition if it unnecessarily harms animals, so there should be no justification for these practices.

Fighting Ring

Education and Information it is Key

It is natural for parents to want their children to grow up in a safe environment. Unfortunately, all around the world, children are being exposed to dog fighting. This is not only an animal abuse but also a human rights issue. As a result of this cruelty, there are many cases of animal cruelty and child abuse which the society has to face.

The American Pit Bull Terrier South African Association attempts to educate people about the risks of dog fighting and explores ways that one can avoid it.

Animal cruelty is a serious problem in the world. It is important to teach children about compassion and kindness towards animals so they grow into kind and considerate adults.

Educational tours promote the importance of caring for animals. They also help people understand how animal cruelty affects entire ecosystems and what we can do to prevent it.

Social media engagement is crucial in this educational campaign to increase awareness of animal cruelty and how it can be prevented.

APBT Used for dog fights
APBT SAA Say no to dog fighting

Help Us Prevent Dog Fighting

In the past few years, many countries have started to ban the use of animals for entertainment. In some cases, governments have even imposed a complete ban on animal-related circuses.

So far, the campaign has been able to reduce animal cruelty in some countries by up to 96%.

One campaign called “Stop Animal Cruelty” has been running for over 3 years now and it focuses on making changes in legislation that will outlaw dog fighting, as well as promoting awareness through social media content like videos and memes.

Owning a dog is one of the most enriching experiences of living. Dogs are also known for their unconditional love and loyalty. But there are people who still choose to exploit these animals, like in dog fighting. Dogfighting is a cruel and terrible thing that can lead to serious injuries or even death for the dog. It’s time to say no to this abusive act and teach your children what it really means to love and respect nature.

In South Africa dog fighting is a crime, however, there is a very low rate of incarceration and minimal penalties for individuals involved in dog fighting rings. The following article will give you a better perspective of what it is happening in South Africa:

Pit bulls surrendered to SPCA tell tale of dog fighting

Against Dog Fighting Campaign

The American Pit Bull Terrier South African Association it is launching a campaign to prevent dog fighting. Our aim is to extend our educational channels as well as try to achieve more severe consequences and punishment to those caught in such activities and rescue as many abused animals as possible.

Your donations can and will make all the difference 

It is time to make a change for our beloved APBT in South Africa. Help us help them.

Help Us Help Them

Report Dog Fighting Criminal Activities

If you know of anyone involved in dog fighting please fill in the form below. It is 100% anonymous.  We only require a name (nickname or pseudonym can be used) the address of the incident, perhaps the most important factor, and ta brief description of what it is happening. 

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