APBT SAA Sample Certificates

Pedigree Certificates & Registration Certificates

American Pit Bull Terrier South African Association now issue two types of pedigree certificates and registration certificates which are “Certified Pedigree” and “Conditional Pedigree” as well as “Registration Certificate” and “Conditional Registration Certificate”. These documents help to keep track of your dog bloodline. 

Pedigree Certificates

A Pedigree Certificate it is a verified family tree and will usually show four to seven generations and it is issued to authenticate and verify the legitimacy of your dog’s bloodline and ancestry. A Pedigree Certificate ensures certain characteristics, both physical and behavioral, of a dog, however it is good to remember that every dog is unique and their behavior depends on many other contributing factors.

Conditional Pedigree Certificates

A Conditional Pedigree Certificate it is a document that only verifies a partial authenticity of a bloodline and ancestry of dogs most commonly referred as “half-breed” or “cross-breed” which might have an impact on the full characteristics of a dog both physical and behavioral.

Registration Certificates

A registered breed is a breed that’s officially recognized by one or more dog registries. Registries set standards for each breed’s physical traits, behavior and temperament. Registration organizations encourage responsible breeding to maintain each breed’s specific characteristics.

A registration certificate can help in the event your dog bites someone, you—as the owner—can avoid punishment by showing the certificate of registry for your pet. You may also find a registry certificate useful to locate a pet who may be lost and should your ownership of your pet ever be in question.

Conditional Registration Certificates

The difference of a conditional registration certificate it is that the dog will have competition and breeding restrictions.

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