Register Your APBT

How to Register Your APBT

The American Pit Bull Terrier South African Association will issue pedigree certificates only after registration and certification papers had been verified.

We do not seek to replace your original papers but to reinforce them by creating a local database that offers the same level of accuracy and authenticity as the certificates offered by any registration office overseas and/or in South Africa as well as to serve as a powerful tool for local breeders where the public can view and verify the pedigree certificates in a safe and credible environment. We will issue original pedigree certificates with a security stamp to prevent fraud and forgery as well as a watermark on the displayed certificates on-line which, if downloaded and printed, will have no security stamp and will include a watermark, thus discouraging fraud and forgery. As an extra security measure we can email a copy of any requested certificate to guarantee 100% the bloodline of your dog(s) by receiving it in an email from our domain along with a verification letter.

When registering your dog please ensure that you have accurate documentation also make sure that all the contact information you provide it is updated and functional, failure to do so will result in the rejection/failure of your application.

The American Pit Bull Terrier South African Association cannot, at this stage, issue pedigree certificates by % of blood and DNA analysis, pedigree certificates will only be issued to those dogs whose registration papers can be traceable and verified.

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What to do After Submitting the Registration Application

Once the Registration Application is submitted it will take 7 to 10 business days to verify the pedigree of a dog registered in Southern Africa and 10 to 15 business days to verify the pedigree of dog registered overseas. If you do not receive any feedback after the stipulated waiting period you can lodge a query at

Please allow the full stipulated waiting time frame before lodging a query and kindly await for the response within 24hrs. Please refrain from lodging simultaneous queries about the same application at once since this will only delay the administrative process resulting in longer waiting periods.

When the application process is concluded you will receive an email notification and an SMS with the results of your application and the options to receive the pedigree certificate. If it happens that your application was unsuccessful you can lodge a request for a detailed report at

To prevent unsuccessful applications please ensure that all the information provided is accurate and also that the contact information of owners/registration offices are up to date and functional.

By registering your APBT you will help to fight the BSL, breed specific legislation and to prevent the flourishing of backyard breeders who profits from impure/cross-breed "pitbulls" sales. Join us and help to propagate the information of what a real American Pit Bull Terrier is all about by spreading the word and recommending this website.

Building a better future with strength and determination just like an APBT.

The Reality About American Pit Bull Terrier

By recommending this site and spreading the word you can help to prevent Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in South Africa
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