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APBTSAA Certificates

Learn the difference between a full Certificate and a Conditional Certificate

Certificate & Pedigree Certificate

The American Pit Bull Terrier South African Association issues Certificates and Pedigree Certificates that are useful to keep track of your dog bloodline. We are currently offering two kind of certificates: a full certificate and a conditional certificate.

A full certificate confirm the full verification of a dog’s bloodline as far as 4-7 generations. This certificate is issued and presented online as well as available from our database for verification purposes for owners and/or breeders.

Find below a sample of a certificate:

Conditional Certificates & Pedigree Certificates

We understand that sometimes papers can be lost or damaged and, perhaps, unable to be retrieved and with the current circumstances in South Africa it makes really difficult to keep track of bloodlines since there was no official or private associations providing this services and KUSA does not recognize the APBT breed, therefore they do not register them as such.

A conditional Certificate or Pedigree Certificate will be issued to dos that don’t have a full bloodline background in which one of the ancestors is or was not registered. Such certificates will help owners to start rectifying their dogs lineage.

A criteria has been stipulated to register dogs with as much as three unknown ancestors based in a six generation pedigree. This will only occur in cases where the dogs are believed to be purebred, but a registered parent is found to be incorrect.

This certificates will have “Conditional” stated in Bold and it will only be reverted once a three generation pedigree has been established.

Find below a sample of a conditional certificate:

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